DJ Rawshark – 100% Real Hip Hop!

…OK maybe it’s like 91% There are a couple of questionable tracks in there…and some dancehall…aaanyway, here are a handful of scratch mixtapes (in the ORIGINAL sense of the word) I’ve made over the years – polished up, dressed in their finest and put in one place. They are in chronological order with the newest at the top. Hope you enjoy them. #bringbackthemixtape

You can stream by clicking the play button, or download the ZIP file by clicking the image or the link. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS…buy their Merch, see them live and buy or stream their music – you know the drilly. Full track lists are below each mixtape.

FAIR WARNING: This is Hip Hop – mostly uncensored and chock full of Filth Flarn Filth. Hip Hop is inherently complex, challenging and generally doesn’t try to be politically ‘correct’. If that doesn’t sound like a good thing to you, then this probably isn’t for you. As a side-note, if anyone is interested in ‘radio friendly’ versions of any of my mixtapes then message me and I’ll hook you up if I get enough requests.

Also…and this is IMPORTANT! I like explosions and air horns. Deal with it.

– DJ Rawshark